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Cor Donato Editions - Authoritative scores of the music of Barbara Strozzi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Scores

Why don't your scores include keyboard realizations?

One of the most delightful yet frustrating things about music of this period is that the players in the continuo (which could include any combination of harpsichord, bowed bass, lute, theorbo, harp, baroque guitar, organ…) were expected, like today's jazz and pop players, to know the rules of harmony and to be able to improvise from just the bass line. Sometimes the bass lines were figured, sometimes not. Strozzi's originals are very lightly figured. There are many possible readings, combinations of instruments, and interpretations, and we encourage you to experiment and work together with other musicians who study historic performance if you are new to singing and playing with basso continuo.

For more information on the features of our scores and the decisions behind them, please check out our Editorial Notes.

How large are your scores?

All of our printed scores come in standard LTR size, with the exception of Oleum effusum est & Psalm 21/22, Opus 5.13-add, which can be printed in standard A4 size for international customers.

What bindings are available?

We've taken great care in considering the use of our scores in performance, including spacing and page turn considerations as well as the available binding. Our larger volumes are bound in high-quality glued library binding. Individual pieces are staple-bound to ensure they lay flat on a music stand. The Complete Opus 1 is the exception, being a much thicker score than the others, and it is therefore also offered in spiral binding at no additional cost.

Orders & Payments

What payment methods do you accept?

At present we process all payments through PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to use their service. All major credit cards are accepted. If you have a unique situation and need to use a payment method not offered through our online checkout, please contact us.

Please note that although all major international credit cards are accepted, your order will be converted to USD for processing.

Do you offer gift wrapping or gift receipts?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer gift services at this time.

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